Empowering the Erie area one neighborhood at a time.

Everyone lives in a neighborhood. It’s where we encounter the people who wave hello to us, the people who keep tabs on us, the people who just might become our friends. Strong neighbors make strong neighborhoods. Strong neighborhoods make strong communities. The Neighborhood Resource Organization (NRO) is here to help empower you and your neighbors so you can bring positive change to your neighborhood and to the community.

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    Events are happening all over the city please check out the following web site for locations: http://www.unitedwayerie.org/nno.

  • 2016 Mini Grants

    The 2016 mini grants are available now.  Applications being accepted until April 29th, 2016.

  • Good Neighbor Awards

    ERIE, Pa. — Mary Krysiak helped save neighbors from a burning house in Erie’s Land Lighthouse neighborhood. Gary McEnery restored a home in the Little...