About the Award

Everyone wants to have good neighbors. Good neighbors make your home a more enjoyable place and increase safety and security in your neighborhood. Whether you live in Townhouse, Condo, Apartment or Single Family Home, are part of a Neighborhood Watch or Association or are a Community Business Partner supporting your neighbors, you have the potential to be a “Good Neighbor”. The best way to have good neighbors is to be one.
Erie County is fortunate to have outstanding citizens in our communities. The NRO believes it’s important to honor outstanding citizens, organizations, neighborhoods or corporations by presenting to them the “Good Neighbor” Award. If you know someone who has been an ideal citizen or someone who has done a good deed, please nominate them.

Neighborhood Resources Organization (NRO) believes “good neighbors equal a strong community.” NRO’s Good Neighbor Awards recognize the ongoing efforts of those who live, work or attend school in Erie County who value the fair and equal treatment of others and are engaged in making this happen on a daily basis. The Awards program identifies and honors individuals, organizations, neighborhoods and businesses in our community who are outstanding examples of “good neighbors,” who are committed to building, preserving, maintaining and improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods and our community.


This award is presented to those who go the extra mile to be a good neighbor on a daily basis. The NRO will accept nominations for the following awards:

  • Good Neighbor: Neighborhood Watch or Association
  • Good Neighbor: Most Improved Neighborhood Appearance
  • Good Neighbor: Individual
  • Good Neighbor: Youth (18 & Under)
  • Good Neighbor: Community Ally (municipal & civic leaders/non-profits)
  • Good Neighbor: Public Safety Ally (corrections & youth corrections officers, fire services professionals including volunteer firefighters, parole, probation and police officers)
  • Good Neighbor: Business Partner

Examples of Potential Honorees

Some examples of potential honorees include:

  • Diverse individuals and organizations that have coordinated and planned picnics, festivals, and events in the community;
  • Businesses that have promoted volunteerism; created inclusive, or welcoming environments in their businesses;
  • Organizations who have collaborated on art projects that celebrate diversity;
  • Citizens who have tutored foreign-born Americans; sheltered the homeless; creatively overcame personal challenges while striving to help others;
  • Groups that have established book club networks; or,
  • Individuals who have spoken out against injustice in our community.

The NRO invites residents, neighbors and members of the wider Erie County community to nominate those individuals, organized groups and businesses who may exemplify some of the following qualities and attributes:

  • Creatively promote fair and equal treatment of all those who live in, work in, learn in, visit and enjoy our community;
  • Contribute to the community beyond their own citizen responsibilities and beyond efforts for self-promotion;
  • Show extraordinary concern for the overall quality of life for the wider community;
  • Take a leadership role to solve problems or promote change, or creatively support those who do;
  • Encourage neighbors to participate in the life of the community for the benefit of all;
  • Overcome obstacles or takes risks in the pursuit of creating, developing, and furthering the development of a stronger community; and,
  • Demonstrate results.